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What is sealcoating?

Sealcoating has the primary purpose of prolonging the life of an asphalt driveway or parking lot. There are a couple other attractive benefits. Sealing your driveway gives your home curb appeal because our sealer dries to a beautiful rich black color and provides a non-slip surface.


What brand sealer do we use?

We use Neyra Tarconite sealer mixed to Neyras specifications. We are very pleased with Neyra’s attention to quality, innovation, and superior products. Our customers love the final color once it’s dry just as much as we do.


How long does it take for sealcoat to dry?

It takes sealer 24-48 hours to dry and temperatures must be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Preferably, dry sunny weather much higher than 50 degrees is optimal. The dry time allows the sealer to withstand and recover from our car’ power steering marks. In most cases, the sealer pavement is fine to walk on once visibly dry. Sealer takes 30 days to fully cure.


What is sealer?

Sealer or sealcoat is applied to asphalt and is a very precise mixture in order to achieve beautiful results.This mixture is often referred to as “mix design.” The ideal mixture or mix design is: asphalt concentrate, additives (if applicable), 30% water dilution per the gallons of asphalt concentrate and 1-3lbs. of silica sand for every gallon of asphalt concentrate.
A good example of sealer mixed properly:
100 gallons of asphalt concentrate
+ additives (if needed)
+ 30 gallons of water (This is EXTREMELY important. Overwatering the sealer will dilute the product down to nothing more than dirty water and deliver horrible results.)

+ 200 lbs. of silica sand

This gets mixed very well and is now ready.

What is your preferred way of applying sealer?

Here at Beyond Sealcoating LLC, we use either the brush or spray method of applying sealer. Most residential driveways we brush. Bigger parking lots we would spray. When spraying sealer regardless of manufacturer it MUST be applied with 2 coats. Does your sealcoat company spray 2 coats? Another important note is when applying sealer, the ideal thickness is .21mil. Brushing on sealer achieves this thickness in one coat. If spraying, each coat is very thin, so it is vital to spray 2 coats to achieve the desired thickness.


What if the temperature is below 50 degrees? Can asphalt sealer still be applied?

It’s not recommended as the sealer will not dry or cure properly. There is a little wiggle room with temperature. For example, if it’s a nice spring day and temps are going to reach 80 and sunny but at night the temperature drops to 48. In most cases this will be ok because the pavement stays warm from the days sun and give the sealer plenty of time to dry before the temperatures drop below 50 degrees. If temps are in the 30s or low 40s it is highly discouraged to apply sealer as the product will fail.


Is your company licensed and insured?

Absolutely. We are an LLC and have documentation from the state. We carry a $1 million liability policy for our sealcoating business as well as a commercial truck policy on the truck that pulls our sealcoating rig. This is vital to protect our clients’ assets and our business.


Can sealer be applied at night?

Sealer can be applied at night but is highly discouraged. Sealer when laid on a driveway or parking lot really needs dry sunny weather to dry and cure properly. At night, the ideal conditions are not met.

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