Commercial & Parking Lot Sealcoating

Protect & Maintain Your Commercial Asphalt Investments

A commercial parking lot is a very large and expensive part of your real estate investment. It is important to maintain and protect that investment, because it can face a lifetime of wear and tear due to vehicular activity and other factors. Car traffic, along with weather-related deterioration, creates a fundamental need to protect and maintain your business parking lots. A well-maintained and ADA compliant striped parking lot is crucial for protecting your investment, creating a good first impression, and very importantly reducing liability. When quality and reliability are important, Beyond Sealcoating is your trusted choice for premium commercial asphalt sealcoating maintenance. When you need the job done right, cleanly and efficiently, there is no other choice. Beyond sealcoating is here for all of your comercial sealcoating, hot tar crack sealing and ADA compliant line striping. We service a large area from our headquarters in Eagleville, PA. Our garage is located in Collegeville, PA.

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Important Elements of Commercial Sealcoating

Commercial sealcoating can apply to a wide range of projects that are larger than the typical residential client size. Beyond Sealcoating has licensed and insured equipment and services that can service both large and local businesses who are seeking to improve the professionalism, visual appeal, and safety of their property.

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  • Retail Franchises & Parking Lots

    Beyond Sealcoating has the versatility to help any size of business improve their safety and visual appeal. We have over 7 years of experience helping corporations, mid-level businesses, and local mom & pop shops fix their parking lots. Countless businesses have seen the damage that a tattered parking lot can cause. Not only does it deter potential customers, but cracks and potholes can lead to both civilian injuries and vehicular accidents. Beyond Sealcoating ensures that you can put your worries at ease and facilitate the flow of traffic & business.

  • ADA-Compliant Line Striping Services

    If you have ever owned a commercial space or parking lot, you know the massive legal responsibilities and headaches that potentially come with that location. One of these responsibilities is making sure that your parking lot meets all of the local line-striping regulations for businesses. Not only does line striping help avoid clustered parking, but it adds a layer of organization and professionalism to your commercial property. Beyond Sealcoating provides ADA-compliant line striping services to go with any commercial sealcoating job that we perform.

Beyond Sealcoating provides a wide variety of services, including Driveway & Residential Sealcoating for communities and neighborhoods, Commercial & Parking Lot Sealcoating for small to large businesses, and Crack Sealing & Pothole Repair for roads and public lots.

To learn more about Beyond Sealcoating, read our about us page or view our work samples.

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  • Traffic Control: close off entire project area with traffic cones and caution tape.
    Cleaning: grass trimming, wire brooming, power brooming, and surface cleaning with walk-behind blowers.
    Preparation: crack sealing, minor asphalt repairs, and treating vehicle fluids.
  • Sealcoating: precision edging near all concrete and belgian block, followed by spraying asphalt sealer, and closing project area for 24 to 48 hrs.
    Line Striping: ADA compliant line striping completed during drying period.

Commercial Benefits

  • Protects your business parking lot from weather-related deterioration
    Allows your business parking lot to withstand vehicular activity from customers
    Prevents liabilities that can occur from pedestrian injuries on your business premises
  • Prevents liabilities that can occur from single-car or multiple-car accidents on-site
    Generates curb appeal and boosts professionalism with strong attention to detail
    ADA-compliant line striping to assure that customer traffic & parking is safe and secure
    Assures that your business property is not violating any local government safety codes