Commercial &
Parking Lot Sealcoating

A commercial parking lot is a very large and expensive part of your real estate investment. It is important to maintain and protect that investment, because it can face a lifetime of wear and tear due to vehicular activity and other factors. Car traffic, along with weather-related deterioration, creates a fundamental need to protect and maintain your business parking lots. A well-maintained and ADA compliant striped parking lot is crucial for protecting your investment, creating a good first impression, and very importantly reducing liability. When quality and reliability are important, Beyond Sealcoating is your trusted choice for premium commercial asphalt sealcoating maintenance. When you need the job done right, cleanly and efficiently, there is no other choice. Beyond sealcoating is here for all of your comercial sealcoating, hot tar crack sealing and ADA compliant line striping. We service a large area from our headquarters in Eagleville, PA. Our garage is located in Collegeville, PA.

Call, email, or message us anytime. The owner, Jason is always available to discuss any and all details for your commercial sealcoating project.

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$0.16 - $0.30 / sq. ft.
(average rate for our projects)
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  • Traffic Control: close off entire project area with traffic cones and caution tape.
    Cleaning: grass trimming, wire brooming, power brooming, and surface cleaning with walk-behind blowers.
    Preparation: crack sealing, minor asphalt repairs, and treating vehicle fluids.
  • Sealcoating: precision edging near all concrete and belgian block, followed by spraying asphalt sealer, and closing project area for 24 to 48 hrs.
    Line Striping: ADA compliant line striping completed during drying period.