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Crack sealing is vital for protecting your asphalt and preventing water and other liquids from penetrating and eroding the foundation of your driveway or parking lot. This protection is even more important during winter months, when water can freeze and thaw, creating larger cracks or even potholes. We use only the highest quality crack sealant materials and equipment. We utilize two types of crack sealing methods: hot pour (heated filler that is melted and applied to cleaned out cracks within asphalt - up to 2 inches wide) and cold pour (used to fill out and smooth larger cracks as well - but takes longer to dry and cure). Both are equal in performance, but often times the hot pour method is preferred. We also specialize in minor pothole repair and asphalt patching. This is critical for preventing harmful damage to patrons and vehicles. Our permanent patch is far superior to bagged cold patch material often used and bought in big box stores.

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Important Elements of Asphalt Repair

Asphalt repair and crack sealing are essential parts of the sealcoating process at Beyond. We want to assure that you can get ahead of future damage and deterioration by repairing cracks before they come a bigger liability. We service both driveways and local streets, to make sure that residents and visitors have a smooth traveling experience.

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Crack Sealing & Repair Methods

Crack sealing can use either hot pour or cold pour methods. Hot pour are for more severe damages and volume of cracks on a residential driveway or commercial parking lot. If there are only a minor amount of cracks or cracking damage, we tend to use the cold pour solution for those clients. We finish off every job with handbrushing, instead of spraying, which is appreciated by many clients because of our attention to detail.

Pothole Repair & Methods

Potholes can become a serious street hazard for travelers. This is why Beyond uses our permanent patch material to fix potholes for the long-term benefit of a community. The material hardens the surrounding pavement and creates a strong foundation for the corrected area, unlike the cheap cold patch material bought from hardware stores. A crack can become a pothole in 2 to 3 years, so it is important to stop further water penetration, and service the area immediately.

Beyond Sealcoating provides a wide variety of services, including Driveway & Residential Sealcoating for communities and neighborhoods, Commercial & Parking Lot Sealcoating for small to large businesses, and Crack Sealing & Pothole Repair for roads and public lots.

To learn more about Beyond Sealcoating, read our about us page or view our work samples.

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Crack Sealing

$1 / ft. crack sealing
Variable pricing asphalt repairs
(average rate for our projects)
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  • Cleaning: remove grass and debris from cracks and potholes.
  • Application: apply crack sealant material to cracks, and permanent patch material to potholes and asphalt repairs.

Repair Benefits

  • Prevents short-term cracks from developing into potholes in the future
  • Rejuvenates your home driveway physically and aesthetically
    Prevents water or chemicals from seeping into cracks and eroding the property
    Hot pour and cold pour crack sealing methods for any level of deterioration
    Permanent patch material to seal potholes with maximum longevity
    Prevents civilian and automobile accidents that can be caused by unseen potholes
    Brings safety and security to high-traffic communities or neighborhoods