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Driveway &
Residential Sealcoating

Our driveway is often a large part of our home. We sealcoat for three reasons:

1) To protect and prolong the life of an asphalt driveway

2) Sealer or sealcoat provides a slip-resistant surface because there is sand in the mixture

3) Curb appeal; immediately after sealcoating is done it makes the property look beautiful

As soon as a driveway is laid, it begins to deteriorate. Deterioration for an asphalt driveway is often due to UV rays, car usage, water damage, dust, ice, and car oils.

We only use the highest quality of sealer to perform our sealcoating: Masterseal by Seal Master (asphalt emulsion). Our process is immensely detail-oriented, and we leave no stone unturned. We take every aspect of your property very seriously. While applying the sealer, we always use extreme precision to avoid getting sealer on garages or walkways.

Commercial &
Parking Lot Sealcoating

A commercial parking lot is a very large and expensive part of your real estate investment. It is important to maintain and protect that investment, because it can face a lifetime of wear and tear due to vehicular activity and other factors. Car traffic, along with weather-related deterioration, creates a fundamental need to protect and maintain your business parking lots. A well-maintained and ADA compliant striped parking lot is crucial for protecting your investment, creating a good first impression, and very importantly reducing liability. When quality and reliability are important, Beyond Sealcoating is your choice for premium asphalt maintenance. We service a large area from our headquarters in Eagleville PA.

Crack Sealing &
Pothole Repair

Crack sealing is vital for protecting your asphalt and preventing water and other liquids from penetrating and eroding the foundation of your driveway or parking lot. This protection is even more important during winter months, when water can freeze and thaw, creating larger cracks or even potholes. We use only the highest quality crack sealant materials and equipment. We utilize two types of crack sealing methods: hot pour (heated filler that is melted and applied to cleaned out cracks within asphalt - up to 2 inches wide) and cold pour (used to fill out and smooth larger cracks as well - but takes longer to dry and cure). Both are equal in performance, but often times the hot pour method is preferred. We also specialize in minor pothole repair and asphalt patching. This is critical for preventing harmful damage to patrons and vehicles. Our permanent patch is far superior to bagged cold patch material often used and bought in big box stores.


$0.16 - $0.30 / sq. ft.
(average rate for our projects)
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  • Traffic Control: close off entire project area with traffic cones and caution tape.
    Cleaning: grass trimming, wire brooming, power brooming, and surface cleaning with walk-behind blowers.
    Preparation: crack sealing, minor asphalt repairs, and treating vehicle fluids.
  • Sealcoating: precision edging near all concrete and belgian block, followed by spraying asphalt sealer, and closing project area for 24 to 48 hrs.
    Line Striping: ADA compliant line striping completed during drying period.

Crack Sealing
Asphalt Repair

$1.00/ft. for crack sealing
variable pricing for asphalt repair
(average rate for our projects)
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  • Cleaning: remove grass and debris from cracks and potholes.
  • Application: apply crack sealant material to cracks, and permanent patch material to potholes and asphalt repairs.