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Our driveway is often a large part of our home. We sealcoat for three main reasons:

- Protect and prolong the life of your driveway

- Sand in the mixture creates a slip-resistant surface for your driveway

- Curb appeal: sealcoating makes your driveway look beautiful

As soon as a driveway is laid, it begins to deteriorate. Deterioration for an asphalt driveway is often due to UV rays, car usage, water damage, dust, ice, and vehicle oils.

We use only the highest quality sealer: Masterseal by Sealmaster. This is a water-based asphalt emulsion sealer with silica sand and fortifying additives. It contains no irritating fumes, dries a deep / rich black color, is more flexible, and is ideal for all asphalt pavement surfaces.

Our process is immensely detail-oriented, and we leave no stone unturned. We take every aspect of your property very seriously. While applying the sealer, we always use extreme precision to avoid getting sealer on garages or walkways.

We hand-brush all residential driveways.

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Important Elements of Residential Sealcoating

Beyond Sealcoating provides residential sealcoating services for both individual properties and community organizations, Whether you want to sealcoat your personal driveway, or go through your HOA to maintain your neighborhood asphalt, we have you covered.

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  • Project Length & Time Estimates

    A residential sealcoating job usually takes 1 to 2 days from time of quote request to receiving your free estimate. The average driveway takes about 1 hour to sealcoat due to our breadth of experience and quality equipment. Before and after any residential project, we spend our time cleaning and doing prep work to ensure a quality selcoating finish. This includes thorough cleaning of the asphalt surface using brooms and blowers, precision edging, and hand-applied sealcoating. Driveways usually need a few hours before foot traffic and 3 days before vehicular activity.

  • HOA Communities & Neighborhoods

    While sealcoating is typically performed on individual driveways, Beyond Sealcoating has the capacity to scale our services and serve large communities that are unified under a Home Owner's Association. We deal directly with the manager of the HOA to identify the streets, driveways, and parking lots within your community that would be under our scope of work. Beyond can beautify and revive your entire community with our quality crack sealing, premium residential sealcoating, and ADA-compliant line striping.

Beyond Sealcoating provides a wide variety of services, including Driveway & Residential Sealcoating for communities and neighborhoods, Commercial & Parking Lot Sealcoating for small to large businesses, and Crack Sealing & Pothole Repair for roads and public lots.

To learn more about Beyond Sealcoating, read our about us page or view our work samples.

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